Why do you only allow fishing with fly’s that have barbless hooks?

For years the management allowed fisherman to use baited hooks, fishing lures, treble hooks and barbed hooks which resulted in tremendous loss. As a result, many of the lakes were full of fishing line and hazardous hooks which made swimming and wadding dangerous.

Under new ownership, Eagle Rock Ranch has taken a different approach to sport fishing which emphasizes “Catch & Release” practices that many fishermen in the west have been enjoying for years. This practice allows for many more of us to experience the excitement of a good fight and the thrill of landing a large mature trout with a small fishing rod.

The bottom line is most lures and hooks with barbs will kill fish. If a fish is not killed while removing a barbed hook immediately, many sporting fish are often injured so badly or mishandled and later die from blood loss or starvation. Practicing proper “Catch and Release” techniques and learning to “back” a barb less hook out of a trout's mouth is far less harmful and requires less handling of the fish than the tearing of mouth and jaw tissue which commonly occurs when using barbed hooks. A barb less hook actually will displace less flesh because of the absence of the barb. The thinner profile will penetrate with much less force. As a result, anglers get much more positive hook-ups.

As Pat can attest, a barb less hook is much easier to remove from your buddy’s ear also.


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