Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. Most of our guest like to self-guide.  However, we do use several local guides that are familiar with our Ranch property. If you would like to use a guide and experience a float trip on private "Live-Water" rivers in the area we can arrange a guide for you while you are staying here at the Ranch as well. 

Yes, we accept cash, Visa, MasterCard or personal checks

We hope you will just relax but if you are more adventurous, you might like to hike and explore the property, or visit the flat tops area, follow game trails and view wildlife, mountain bike the abandoned logging roads to the top of Green Ridge, explore abandoned homesteads and saw mills, or spend the day shopping in Steamboat Springs.

We have a limited supply of fishing gear available for sale. But, try to anticipate your needs and if necessary we can direct you to local fly shops in the area.

The Ranch has a special commercial lake license which allows its guest to fish the private lakes without the need of a fishing license. If you plan on fishing the local rivers in and around the Yampa area you will need a license.

The lakes are accessed by either wadding or fishing from the banks. The use of personal float tubes with fins or small inflatable pontoon boats with electric trolling motors are the best and most preferred method of finding deep pools for larger fish. During the rental season we do not allow motorized boats on the water.

We do allow limited day fishing at certian times of the year.  Consideration is first given to the guest renting the cabins and and then to the total number of fisherman on the water at any one time.  If you are a local fisherman or a guide with clients, you should call to inquire if there are any quests at the Ranch and about day availability.  Our daily rod rate is $ 95.00.

Yes, many of our guests find it difficult to use Fly Rods because of the limited room when back casting from the edge of the lakes. So using a spinning or casting rod with a bubble and a fly is sometimes more appropriate. The only thing we are strict about is using barb less hooks on all fly’s.  (No spin casting type lures are allowed we use fly's only) 

If you need some help selecting the most productive flies ask Pat for his recommendations.


That easy, no worries…bring it in, let Pat know which of the four lakes it came from. Remember, we are fishermen too, sometimes this is unavoidable. We have all hooked fish in the artery located at the bottom of the mouth or in the gill rakers which causes extensive bleeding and ultimately death. The fact is, even a barbless hook will do little to prevent those casualties. Understanding that, why not clean it up, at the fish cleaning station we provide (never inside the cabins) and freeze it to enjoy later and remember that great “hook- up” at Eagle Rock Ranch. Please, DO NOT releases a bleeding or injured fish back into the water.

For years the management allowed fisherman to use baited hooks, fishing lures, treble hooks and barbed hooks which resulted in tremendous loss. As a result, many of the lakes were full of fishing line and hazardous hooks which made swimming and wadding dangerous.

Under new ownership, Eagle Rock Ranch has taken a different approach to sport fishing which emphasizes “Catch & Release” practices that many fishermen in the west have been enjoying for years. This practice allows for many more of us to experience the excitement of a good fight and the thrill of landing a large mature trout with a small fishing rod.

The bottom line is most lures and hooks with barbs will kill fish. If a fish is not killed while removing a barbed hook immediately, many sporting fish are often injured so badly or mishandled and later die from blood loss or starvation. Practicing proper “Catch and Release” techniques and learning to “back” a barb less hook out of a trout's mouth is far less harmful and requires less handling of the fish than the tearing of mouth and jaw tissue which commonly occurs when using barbed hooks. A barb less hook actually will displace less flesh because of the absence of the barb. The thinner profile will penetrate with much less force. As a result, anglers get much more positive hook-ups.

As Pat can attest, a barb less hook is much easier to remove from your buddy’s ear also.


The lakes are stocked with Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Cut-Bows, Cut throat and Brook Trout; the fish are purchased from quality hatcheries which have specific genetic breeding programs to produce the best game fish for each species. Through the years many developments have been made on the property which improves oxygen levels, over all water quality, and food sources. After years of recovery we are now seeing evidence of some natural breeding in the lakes. For the most part, fish are initially purchased as small fingerlings and placed in progressively larger rearing ponds. Daily feeding of specially formulated fish food and natural foods insures healthy growth. After the fish reach specified size and weight they are released to the lakes for sport fishing.

The small town of Yampa is only (2) miles away. There is a local food / grocery store which will carry most of your needs. The largest city in this area is Steamboat Springs which is a 30 minute drive North on Hwy 131. In Steamboat you will find everything you need including a grocery stores, sporting goods, pharmacy, auto repair and retail shops, ATMs and a Wal-Mart.

We know many of you “travel-lite”. That's great…bring clothing appropriate for the season which includes a jacket for cool Colorado evenings. Bring your fishing gear, meals, snacks food, drinks of your choice. Don't forget to bring bug repellent for the evenings, walking shoes, flash light, chap-stick and a good book.

This 2012 season we removed our caretaker's unit and the wireless WiFi network came down also.  We looking into alternative sysytems and locations, but currently we do not have a solution at this time.

There are not phones in the cabins but there is “limited” cell service on the Ranch during fair weather. We will always try to accommodate special needs or emergency calls but the office phone is not for the guests use. Verizon, and now At&t customers seem to receive a better signal in this area of South Routt County.

Upon arrival your cabin will be supplied with clean bath towels and bed linens which we will provide. We do not provide daily cleaning or daily linens unless there are special needs. The cabins and bath are fully cleaned after each guest checks out and before our new guests arrive.

The Ranch utilizes a septic system which strictly limits what can be tossed down the toilet or drains. No food disposals or dish washers are in the cabins. Please use the trash containers for those items.

The closest laundry facility are located in the town of Oak Creek which is approximately 15 miles North on Hwy. 131.

The Ranch has several working dogs and horses. Our experience is that often times the presence of other animals at the Ranch can be harmful for both. So as a rule, we do not allow pets in the cabins. Local kennels are available if you need to make arrangements for a few days.

The water at the Ranch comes form deep underground springs which are purified by nature first. As a precaution; we send the water to a filter and purification system in the pump house. After going through a purification process the water is piped to the cabins. So yes, we all drink the water in the cabins. If you prefer bottled water or have special needs let us know we will make arrangements for you.

Each cabin is equipped with a full kitchen set up. This includes a gas cooking range, oven, refrigerator, microwaves, pots, pan, coffee maker, plates, silverware, and utensils.  In addition, all cabins have access to either charcoal or gas grills for cooking outside.

The cabins are designed for double occupancy in each bedroom. So you are limited by the beds we provide. However, additional children and adults can be accommodated (with advance notice) for an added charge of $80.00 per person per night for adults 18 and older / $40.00 per night for children between 11 to 17.  Children under 10 years are free. (You must confirm the number of persons in each cabin at the time of your reservation)

Yes, we do rent cabins to hunters who often hunt on public or private lands outside of Eagle Rock Ranch boundaries. But our property is exclusive for hunters who want to hunt private land in GMU 15. We have found that it is best to talk by phone to anyone interested in this type of rental arrangement. Send us an e-mail if you want more details.

Yes, during hunting season and only in limited areas, away form the fishing areas.

Check-In time is 2:00 PM the day of your arrival. Check-Out time is 11:00 AM on the departure day.

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