Released Fishing Records

Since the early 1950's Eagle Rock Ranch has been a favorite fishing spot for many Angler's.  In 2001 the new owner's made the decision to take a different approach to sport fishing on the property which emphasizes “Catch & Release” practices that many fishermen in the west have been enjoying for years. This practice allows for many more of us to experience the excitement of a good fight and the thrill of landing a large mature trout with a light weight fishing rod. For the historical propose of record keeping Eagle Rock Ranch is recognizing the past "caught" fish you see in some  photos and in the table below.   The practice of “Catch-and-Release” began in 2001 but no records were kept between 2001 and 2008.  In 2009, the Ranch began to record the length of "Released" fish and one thing for sure is that the fish have not gotten smaller. While we do not weigh the fish anymore because it harms them, the length of "Released " fish can be quickly measured and verified by putting marks or tape on the handle of your fishing rod.  This minimises the handling of the fish and still provides us all with friendly competition here at the Ranch. If you would like to see the Colorado State Records you can go to the Colorado Division of Wildlife: View Colorado "Released" Fishing Records.   

Eagle Rock Ranch Fishing Records

Year Species Length Location Angler
2016 Rainbow 20" Round G. Anderson
2015 Might be you?
2014 Rainbow 22 Long S Somes
2014 Might be you?
2013 Rainbow 22" Round lake Yours Truly
2012 Rainbow 22" Round S. Baldwin
2011 Cut-bow 21.5 Large Lake C. Marshall
2010 Rainbow 20.+ large Ray C.
2009 Rainbow 22.0 Lodge Lake Dean
2000 Rainbow 21.0 Large Lake Chet Damoc
1999 Rainbow 26.0 Lodge Lake Jim Urbaniak
1998 Rainbow 25.5 Large Lake Charlie Angle
1997 Brown 26.0 Large Lake Ron Reichert
1996 Rainbow 27.0 Large Lake Lauren Kutina

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